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doTERRA Wellness Advocate Rosalie Durk Elliott

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    dōTERRA's pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature's most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

    The dōTERRA mission hinges on discovering and developing the world’s highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils and related natural wellness products. We accomplish this with a strong team of in-house scientists as well as highly accomplished scientific and medical advisers. We also stay at the forefront of scientific advances by partnering with selected academic, industry and medical institutions.

    dōTERRA, founded in 2008, is debt free, and has over 8,000,000 people, just like me, that love the quality of the products and a large percentage of them continue to buy month in and month out because of the optimal ways we are able to manage our health, naturally.

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    If you are here for the best essential oils, then here’s my best tips!

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    TIP 2: Open a $35 wholesale account to save 25-55% (no future purchases required)

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    TIP 4: Join our monthly Loyalty Rewards Program to receive the best products at the best price and earn FREE products

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    dōTERRA's wholesale memberships are $35.00; however, the enrollment kits offer many benefits!

    NOTE: Once you set up your wholesale account, there is no future requirement to purchase; however, there are tons of benefits to future purchases. Let's get you set up for learning how to incorporate essential oils into your daily living.

    When you are ready for a more abundant life, you will be immersed in our Facebook Leader's Group where a variety of TOP dōTERRA leaders share proven success strategies to assist everyone in the group. We have a step by step training program and I am excited to help you get started! Our group focuses on simple, yet powerful training, which includes events and webinars, and a variety of other tools to help you in your own journey to fun & wellness!

    There is so many ways to build a dōTERRA business and the training we provide gives you insight and allows you to find the avenues that work best for you. Plus with the team and individual mentoring you will receive, your journey will be extremely rewarding! Through time, consistency and the right mindset, skill-set & fun-set, this will be a fabulous year in your dōTERRA journey.

    I'm excited to be on this journey with you! ......Rosalie

    NOW is a great time to start Living Abundantly!!

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    About Me

    I love Network Marketing....... yet it took the 'right company' to bring success!

    Have you ever wanted something so badly but couldn't figure out how to get it? That's how I was for years!

    When I was 18 years old I was introduced to network marketing and have been involved in over a dozen different companies over the years, with no success, yet held on to the dream!! Google "why network marketing" and you'll find many fabulous reasons; such as, help enough people achieve success and you will too, build true financial freedom, be your own boss, set your own schedule and the list goes on and on!! For over 30 years with no success, you would think I should have given up; however, in 2011, when I was introduced to what is now the world's largest essential oil company, my dream of having network marketing success came about quickly with dōTERRA!!

    I've heard all sorts of comments too like, "wow, you're so lucky to have gotten started when you did" or "it won't work for me, you're a natural" and many other comments that make me go hmmmmmmm, really? I spent years learning about network marketing with no success. Fast forward to today, six years later after starting with dōTERRA and I still hear these kinds of comments and now I just laugh and say things like, "Good news for you as I spent all those years learning what not to do so I can teach you what to do and since dōTERRA is the right product and company, you are going to be a star!!"

    During the first 15 months in dōTERRA, while working a full-time job, I consistently shared essential oils on a part-time basis, held classes/parties and had appointments with families to share the benefits I had learned about our products. At the end of 15 months, I was able to quit my state job, when I ranked up to the Diamond level (3rd highest leadership rank). Quitting my job was monumental for me as I had built a substantial enough consistent income to cover my medical insurance and my living expenses.

    Then after another 13 months, full-time sharing the oils, I achieved the rank of Blue Diamond, which is the 2nd highest rank within dōTERRA. Nowadays there are a few other double diamond ranks; however, this, being about you has great news: success is available for you too! I know what it takes to build a successful business, what works, what doesn't work and how to help you achieve the lifestyle you may have only dreamed about before which includes wellness, fun and financial freedom.

    Here are some of the many Reasons why dōTERRA worked for me quickly:

    • Quality of their wellness products - CPTG essential oils
    • The executives and their mission to bring essential oils to the world
    • Network marketing company that allows me to build residual income
    • Fun & easy to share
    • Opportunity to lead others by exemplifying a quality lifestyle
    • Working internationally alongside the most amazing people ever
    • Mentoring & empowering others to live healthier lifestyles
    • My journey to wellness brought about financial freedom
    • I continue to meet the most amazing people, like you!

    ......and having many family & friends join my business has been..... PRICELESS!!

    What do you really want? dōTERRA may be your answer too!!

    Let's Chat!!

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