What is Sweet Minerals?

Sweet Minerals Confidence

What on Earth is Sweet Minerals, you ask?

Sweet Minerals is a company, a brand, a family. Truly.

As a company, Sweet Minerals is responsible & people-focused. It is run by four founders who each bring something to the table in regard to running the business -- & they care about all of their customers & educators (known in other companies as “consultants” & the like). Everything they do SHOWS that they are thinking of the PEOPLE who make the business possible & they are constantly asking for feedback & taking input from others. What a novel idea, huh? ;)

As a brand, Sweet Minerals takes what it is known for as a company & applies it to their product. Natural. Cruelty-free. Toxin-free. Organic whenever possible. They even offer a 100% LIFETIME satisfaction guarantee!! That is right. Makeup & skin care products that is responsible to the environment & society, backed by a company who actually cares about the people who use, buy, & sell the product. How can it get better?

The Sweet Minerals FAMILY is just that. It is a family. The vibe in any community you join in regard to Sweet Minerals makes you feel welcome. Whether you want to lurk or take part, you are WELCOME. Whether you are customer, joining in on your Sweet Minerals Educator’s private FB community or a new Sweet Minerals Educator, seeking to become part of the behind-the-scenes family, you are WELCOME!

Every person has her own unique beauty -- & Sweet Minerals, along with me (Reta Jayne), will help you find & enhance your own. Will you join us?

Pop over to our private online community with absolutely NO obligation. I am currently making the switch to get started on the ground floor with this amazing opportunity, but my community is ready to welcome YOU, nonetheless: http://CalculatedChaosCommunity.com

OR, if you think you would like to poke around to learn more about Sweet Minerals on your own – or are intrigued about the possibility of becoming a Sweet Minerals Educator too, peruse http://www.shopsweetminerals.com or shoot me an email to SweetMineralsConfidence@gmail.com. I am always looking for an opportunity to make a new friend & talk about how we can build our confidence through things we love. <3