Tori Belle Cosmetics Launches

Tori Belle Cosmetics

Tori Belle Cosmetics launched in June 2019 with an innovative magnetic liner / lash system invented by their makeup artist and photographer owner.

Tori Belle customers love their no-glue, easy-to-apply, at-home lashes. The founder's patent-pending magnetic liner and lash system is easy to apply, just line with liner and lash magnetizes to the liner. There are multiple lash styles to fit your personal style.

Tori Belle Affiliates are loving their easy-to-understand business opportunity and compensation plan. There are no monthly quotas, no catalogs to buy and free shipping to customers. These are just some of the reasons Tori Belle is setting enrollment records. Their cosmetics follow European Union standards and are paraben and cruelty free.

"Our Affiliate programs are truly unique and increase the odds for success. I'm extremely proud of the products, compensation, training and technology that we will offer at Tori Belle," adds Laura Hunter, Founder & CEO.

If you're looking for a ground floor opportunity that is easy, fun and has exciting new products on the way, consider Tori Belle Cosmetics.