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3313 King James Lane Fayetteville, NC 28306 US
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    It’s time to do battle to reduce the chemicals found in your home.

    The average home has 62 toxic chemicals … and most of those are in everyday products! But where to start?

    I get it, you’re surrounded by overwhelming advice, options and products for going green. I’ve been there … and conquered it.

    In fact, I bet I know what led you here.

    First:You’re worried about the health and safety of you and your family when you use chemical-filled cleaning products.

    Second:You’ve found yourself in the cleaning aisle staring blankly at all the “Green Cleaning” options.

    Third:You’ve thought, “I can do this myself” … and then done a quick DIY Google search only to wonder where on earth to start.

    Take off the hot plastic gloves, take a deep breath without coughing and relax. This is where I come in. I put clarity to the confusion and simplify a plan to create a new lifestyle – in baby steps.

    I help people reduce the use of chemicals in their daily lives using Young Living Essential Oils and products and by showing them how easy and budget-friendly it is to create a healthy and safe environment. While I am knowledgeable about all aspects of ditching chemicals, I am especially passionate about making my own cleaning and home care products. I just love having a Make and Take Class and seeing my "students" lightbulbs go off when they realize this is something they CAN do!

    With education and support, I'll be your chemical-free captain to help you take charge and battle the chemical beasts harassing you. Be the master of your healthy life and home. Make better decisions for yourself and your family. Simple and easy.

    Ready to get started? Let's come up with a plan to make that change a simple reality!


    Join Young Living Essential Oils

    Young Living has a fantastic business opportunity! First things first, you'll want to know the cost. The absolute minimum to start a Young Living business is $29.95. Yup, that's it! This provides a Business Building Kit full of great direction to help you get started. Of course, it is beneficial for you to get your hands on some YL oils and products so you can experience what you're talking about, but the Business Kit is the only required purchase to start selling Young Living. Pretty, cool, huh? Not a major investment at all!

    On the flip side, the potential for big income is definitely there with no ceiling in sight! Check out the most recent Income Disclosure Statement.

    This business opportunity is not a “walk in the park.” You will have to put time and effort in to see these numbers come to life - just like any other job. But, in my opinion, the benefits far outweigh the hurdles you might encounter. You won’t know unless you try.

    Time Freedom

    Be your own boss, work when you want, take time off when you need, pursue your dreams ... check, check, check! This business works completely around YOU. That doesn’t mean that you get to sit around eating bonbons and kick up your feet while the money comes pouring in. Just like any other job, your paycheck will reflect your efforts. The amazing part is though - if you’ve done a good job at showing those you refer how to DUPLICATE what you do, the residual income will come naturally.

    No Income Ceiling

    You read that right. There is NO LIMIT to what you can earn! How incredible and freeing is that?! I doubt there are many jobs out there that compare.

    Willable Income

    The income that your Young Living business generates can be willed to your children {or whomever you want} when you’re no longer around… forever. THAT is unheard of, friends. Talk about leaving a legacy!

    No Inventory or Overhead

    There is no inventory or overhead required! You don’t have to front money for a bunch of products that may or may not get sold. You don’t have to pour those hard-earned funds into a storefront or even an online store. You are simply connecting people to their own Young Living account and being a support system throughout their wellness journey.


    This, my friends, is the icing on the cake! The relationships that develop from this business are simply incredible. You will meet new friends and reconnect with old friends. You’ll meet like-minded people who are ready and willing to cheer you on to reach your goals and see your dreams fulfilled. And you’ll be helping people you love and care for - what more could you ask for?!

    The relationships aspect of this business is my favorite part! I like to have a team of people working together and supporting each other. I, personally, like to share resources and give support to my business builders. If you're on my team, you can rest assured that you will never feel alone or lost. You and I, we will work together to build your business. I have tons of resources to share with you to make your business easier.

    Ready to get started? I'd love to work with you!

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    About Me

    Hiya, Friend! I'm Julie

    I’m a laid-back Texas girl, but I’m now anchored down in North Carolina with the love of my life (who tackled and kissed me in first grade, but that’s another story …). We’ve been married for almost 30 years.

    I’m happiest when I’m making my friends laugh. My best days are when I'm leading a make-and-take class or when a friend contacts me with a question about Essential Oils or natural cleaning or even how to clean their diffuser.

    I believe that if you have valuable knowledge that will benefit others, you’re morally obligated to share it. That’s why my favorite part of what I do is teaching about Essential Oils and how easy it is to make chemical-free products.

    If you called me right now, in the background you’d hear birds chirping, the fountain running, wind chimes gently ringing and my mini-Aussies “broofing” (kind of a grumbling bark), because my favorite place to “office” is my back porch ­— as long as it’s not too cold or too hot, but you never know with this Carolina weather!

    I'd love to get to know about you, too! Reach out to me and tell me a little about yourself and what brought you to this site!

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    wrote 6 months ago

    I have always known that essential oils are good for me, but it wasn't until I met Julie that implementing them in my life became so easy. She has such a depth of knowledge about the oils and their uses it was almost like going to the doctor for a "prescription" for what I needed. Everything smells better and I feel so much better. She is definitely the person you need to reach out to--she will help you get started the right way.

    Helpful (3)
    wrote 6 months ago

    Love Julie and all her knowledge of her premium oils. The Reiki bar is by far my favorite. Using this system reduces my back pain substantially. When my daughter was diagnosed with asthma Julie helped us with diffusing oils in place of candles. I cannot say enough good things about these products and Julie.

    Helpful (2)
    wrote 6 months ago

    Julie is so helpful with suggesting oils for any ailment whether for those suffering with allergies, keeping mosquitos away, cleaning your home, and even making custom oil blends. I always look forward to the information texts and emails!

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    wrote 6 months ago

    We use Essential Ones from Julie for our gym. The Peppermint and Lemon is great for energizing after cardio and the Palo Santos grounds us after Yoga. We use the AminoWise for muscle recovery. I like that Essential Ones are REAL oils, not the fake stuff.

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    wrote 6 months ago

    We have used the Thieves Household cleaner the last two years and my wife and I absolutely love it. It cleans and smells good. We also have the diffuser and it works wonders. Julie is very knowledgeable and so easy to work with.

    Helpful (0)
    wrote 6 months ago

    Julie is inspired by helping people live and operate in a chemical free and healthy environment. Her products are top quality and really work. When I was not feeling well she recommended a great product she sells called Thieves. It helped me a lot and made me feel much better. Her products are amazing and she is as well. You cannot go wrong with doing business with Julie.

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    wrote 6 months ago

    I am so glad Julie truly introduced me to Young Living oils. I use them every night in my diffuser and they have helped me so much. When my granddaughter gets a cold she uses the diffuser and feels so much better the next day. The oils helped me with my breathing so much when I had Covid and I've not got any respiratory problems after having had Covid. My doctor was amazed. Julie truly knows about the oils and has made me a firm believer in their qualities.

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    wrote 6 months ago

    Absolutely love julie and the knowledge she has about essential oils. No matter whats going on, allergies, bugs on the golf course, fever, sore throat or just wanting to breathe in freshness, julie can tell you what to use! She is always learning and sharing on how to have a more chemical free life and i love her for it! She has also helped me earned the office title of "peppermint pusher" i dont have time for runny eyes nose or sore throats :) so if i hear a sniffle im sharing peppermint! Seriously though my family truly appreciates julie and bringing essential oils into our lives!

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    wrote 6 months ago

    I met Julie almost a year ago. She is amazing!!!! Julie knows a ton about the oils & combinations of oils to help keep me happy & healthier. I shared with her that I had a huge loss, EVERYDAY she sent me a heart emoji on my phone even though she knew I couldn't talk, that was such a wonderful way to let me know that she was thinking of me and is truly a dear friend. Guess what, my dr said I have ptsd, I reached out to Julie yet again, she was able to help me. I am now able to stay focused, work at what I love & I have a new lifetime friend/sister! Julie truly cares about her client...

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