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187 purity avenue Rimersburg, PA 16248 US
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    Become your most beautiful self with Farmasi. Farmasi is more than just's about You!

    • Family owned.
    • Established 70 years in the industry
    • 10 + years in direct sales
    • A powerful company & powerful partnership
    • Rewarding compensation plan & financial strength
    • Best customer service & Beauty Influencers come FIRST
    • European standards. High quality products
    • Farmacity & Industry leading innovation
    • Makeup & lashes, Makeup, Skincare & Bodycare, Mens products, Children products, Fragrances & Colognes, Eco-friendly Cleaning Products and so much more
    • Over 4,000,000 beauty influencers
    • #1 Growing Company in 2020

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    There is no better time than NOW!

    • #1 Growing Company In 2020
    • Ground level company with 70yrs in the industry & 10+yrs in direct sales
    • Daily training and support - Learn as you grow, you don't have to be an expert
    • Low start up cost of $19.99 - Additional product kits available at sign up ranging from $49-$140
    • Free website with NO monthly/anual fees
    • Largest compensation plan
    • 50% MINIMUM commission - Earn an additional 3%-25% BONUS commission
    • European Standards
    • Affordable high quality products
    • No middle man - in house production
    • Minimum quota: $125 every 3 months to stay Active
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    About Me

    Hello, my name is Marissa Mohney and I am a beauty influencer with Farmasi. I am a married mother of 2 beautiful boys and we are a boxer (dog) family! I started my journey with Farmasi in November 2020 while I was working full time as a manager of a local convenient store. I can happily say that within 3 months of starting my new journey, I was able to quit my dead-end 9-5 job and work my Farmasi business full time, and I've never been happier. Our compensation plan, and the work I put in, have literally given me a chance to open my own business, grow as much as I want, giving my family financial flexibility and lets me work from home. Farmasi has changed my life and let me build an even greater relationship within my family. If you're ready to start your own journey, or would like to help me along mine, click my link and we can start our journey together!!

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    wrote 2 months ago

    The products are high quality AND affordable, by far the best I've ever tried! We have the largest and most rewarding compensation plan in the industry. Our customer service is phenomenal! We are the #1 paying direct sales company and #1 Growing company in 2020.

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