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Debbie Lamb

Farmasi is a European cosmetics and skincare made with the highest standards.You do not have to pay more for quality! We have fabulous serums , Gluten Free, Dermatological tested. We have a Tea Tree series for Acne Prone skin. helps clear impurities,while absorbing excess oil. Elevate your dreams with lavender Dream.
2027 Cedarwood Dr Melbourne, FL 32935 US

Debbie Lamb

European cosmetic company and skincare made with highest standard. Why pay more for quality? We have a fabulous Age Reversist line ,as well as Tea Tree series for Acne Prone Skin. CALENDUA SERIES helps nouish and soothe the skin,preventing it from drying out. ALOE SERIES Aloe gel is 93% concentrated. The Miracle Plant.
2027 Cedarwood Dr Melbourne, FL 32935 US

Iris Dinorah Delgado 032020

Farmasi es una Compañía Turca! La cual fabrica, elabora y distribuye productos de Cuidado de la piel, Maquillaje, Higiene, Limpieza del hogar y más con la más alta calidad y Estándares Europeos. Son 80 años creando sus propias fórmulas, 16 años como Compañía establecida y 1 año 1/2 en EU & PR. Los productos a base de materia prima Orgánica, Natural y grado Farmacológico! Próximamente en Mexic...
Orlando Orlando, FL 32837 US

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What is Farmasi?

A new company to the United States, Farmasi is different than most direct sales companies with it starting in Europe and just now breaking into the American market. Their affordable skin care and cosmetics keeps the price tags low for any budget-minded shopper. They utilize non-GMO, phosphate, formaldehyde, and phthalate free ingredients. Their cosmetic line is robust with six different types of mascara and five different types of foundation and much more.