Article Marketing

There are so many great methods of marketing your direct sales business both online and offline.  Your business is unique from every other business, even if there are 20,000 reps in your company. One very strong method you can use to set yourself apart and get your message across is through article marketing

Article marketing is a powerful method that can work for your business online and offline. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can use this tool in your direct sales business.  But first, let’s look at what article marketing is and why you should use it.

Marketing yourself through the use of articles written by you is a great way to drive business to your website. You have the ability to write about your niche and any other articles that are of interest to you.  Your tag line will include links back to your website.  This method of marketing is a very powerful one because it starts the process of setting yourself up as an expert author within your chosen areas.

Online uses of article marketing encompass quite a few methods.  One of which is using your own blog or website as a method to get your article out to the public.  You are providing critical content for you blog or website and your readers will benefit from your knowledge of the subject.

Another option is to submit your articles to directories where your work will be seen by thousands of people and perhaps even downloaded for use of other sites.  Again, your byline makes an important impact statement and allows links back to your site.

Guest posts are also a strong online method of article marketing.  My being a guest author on another blog you are bringing your expertise to and expanded audience and providing your readers a chance to see your work on other sites.  This lends itself to a value added experience of additional expert status and gives your byline another great link.

Off line you can use article marketing by submitting your articles to print newspapers and magazines for inclusion.  Again, your byline will speak to thousands and bring you a lot of recognition and the power of the marketing tool will be felt.

All of these great links will bring your website and your business the name recognition and traffic that is needed to grow your direct sales business.  If you are looking to add customers, expertise and name recognition to your business in one easy method, article marketing is the one you need to work on.