5 Offline Marketing Tips

If you choose to market your direct sales business offline, here are some tips that may be helpful:

  1. Contact local job or career fairs and see if you can have a booth or leave information for people who are looking to work at home. See if there’s a cost to do so or what the process is. Make sure to bring brochures, flyers, business cards etc. If you get denied ask if you can still leave information somewhere for people to pick up if they’re interested.
  2. College students are always looking for ways to earn money to pay for tuition and all the expenses related to attending college. Post flyers on college bulletin boards and see about getting an ad in their campus newsletter. Also many colleges have a “college week” where vendors come and showcase their products just for students. Contact the local colleges to see about getting involved or if there are events you can participate in.
  3. Flyers, flyers, flyers! One of the cheapest and effective ways to get your business out there to your community. Hang flyers wherever you’re allowed to. Coffee shops, libraries, laundry mats, community boards etc. One idea is have box full of flyers and take drive around your town as I’m sure you’ll see places where you can leave your flyers.
  4. Place an ad in your local newspaper. This is one option to get your business out there. Plus when people call, ask them how they found your business so you can track your marketing efforts. If you don’t want to do an actual paper ad, see about submitting an ad on the newspaper’s online version.
  5. Market yourself. Wear a pin, t-shirt, hat, car sign, and bags; really anything with your business name or website. Make yourself stand out! Think about it: If you wore a t-shirt on the back had your website, a slogan and you were standing in line at a grocery store. Just think of how many people will be reading your t-shirt! Get creative and think outside the box.

Just is just a very short list of ideas for you to start implementing. By thinking outside the box you’ll come up with so many ways to market your direct sales business offline. Everything from vendor and craft shows to sponsoring a contest and radio ads. The sky’s the limit!