Use Online Classifieds to Recruit New Members

For direct sellers that really want to step up their recruiting number to grow their work at home business, many turn to online ads. Placing online classified ads is a great way to increase your leads so you are able to add new members to your direct sales team from all over the country.  Many direct sellers refer to this as nation-wide team building.

You can find classified ads all over the web but you need to really focus on just a few so that you can reach your target market audience and stay within your budget. Here are a few places you should target with your recruiting ads:

  • Craigslist - this is a hot classified advertisement site where businesses both large and small place ads. This site will cost you some money to place your home business opportunity ad but it is a reasonable amount of money and you can target your ads to be just locally or nationwide.
  • SellStuffLocal.com - this is another hot classified advertisement site where businesses both large and small can place ads. This site is very reasonable in regards to costs and is great to use if you only want to place targeted home business opportunity ads to reach people who are local to you.
  • Local Online Newspaper Classified Ads - almost every newspaper has an online version and that includes online classifieds. You will want to visit your newspaper's web site to see if they offer online classified ads. If they do, they are usually very reasonable in their costs. This is another great way to target local prospects in your own area or take it nationwide and select some areas that you would like to grow your team.
  • Merchant Circle - this site is great for local presence but you can open it up to nationwide access too.  It is easy to connect with other merchants, keep a time line of activities and even post blog posts for customer interest.  Ads and coupons can be created in your desktop and can be accessed and read by all.  It bring you good web exposure too if you keep the information fresh.

When you are ready to start growing your team locally and nationwide, placing some strategic online recruiting ads will make a big difference to your direct sales team numbers. Track your success so you know where your leads are coming from and get ready some nice growth to your team.