Save Time, Work Together

As your team grows larger and larger in your direct sales business, managing and training your team can be a difficult process, especially if your own business is booming.  It is your job as a team leader to do the training and while it is tempting to pass it off onto your upline, managing your own team and training them will bring you success in the long run. Here are a few tips that can help you start developing your team.

Time is always something we never seem to have enough of.  Between our home, family, personal life and our business, juggling everything can be difficult at times. Training your team can also add to the time constraints.

One great way to help with training your new team members is by using the buddy system.  Pair the new consultant up with other seasoned reps so they can shadow them on parties and other functions.  This should not replace your own training by working one on one with them, but it can introduce them to other methods and ideas.

This tool is also great to use at your team training meetings that you hold on a monthly basis. A new representative is likely to be very shy and hang out in the back ground.  If they are assigned a seasoned member of the team to hang out with, you will see a better insertion into the team thinking and the team spirit.

Being the new kid on the block is tough.  There is so much to learn and so much you want to teach at the same time.  If you have several new reps start at the same time, juggling schedules can be a nightmare. One on one time with you is critical to the success of the consultant but after you spend your one on one training with them, moving the new recruit into the team can really help them.

Working with other reps will give your team different views on how other people work.  They can offer tips and tricks to how they manage their business and how they put on a party.  As you know there is no right way to hold a party and by seeing others in progress, it will give the new team mate plenty of ideas about what will work for them and what won’t.  Developing their own system will be much easier.

Encourage all of your team to train and work together as one. You will build strong friendships and a successful team overall.