Phone Tag Mystery Hostess

When it comes to building your party plan business through bookings it can be a real stressor to find great ideas that will inspire people to book with you.  We are going to explore an idea that you may be able to incorporate into your party plan or direct sales business to help increase your booking and parties.

Any type of booking that you can make into a party is a good one as you are making money and you hostess is getting free and discounted goods.  The more bookings and parties you have, obviously the more money you are bringing in. Give this fun twist on a booking game a try.

Phone Tag Mystery Hostess

The object of this booking game is that you are looking specifically for orders of $20 or more.  You are going to go through your records looking at your past hostesses and their favorite items.  Once you have 10 people selected, you get on the phone and start calling them.

You are going to be offering someone to become your mystery hostess from a drawing that is going to be made from those that purchase a minimum of $20 this weekend.  Tell your hostess that you have their favorite line of products or product on sale and for her $20 order; she will be entered into the drawing to become the mystery hostess for this party when it closed on Sunday.

As you are speaking to your customer, make sure to tell her that she can go to your website or look through your most current book, if she has one, to find the items that she would like to get with her winnings in case she wins.  Tell her that you will call Sunday evening for her list so you can send the order that night.

This type of booking game works great when you sell any type of food, cooking, jewelry, cosmetics or candle type of goods.  If you know your clients well, you can use this to grow your business once or twice a year.  It will get you the booking you need turned into a party to maintain and grow your business.  It also excites your hostesses like they are in an exclusive club.

Look at fun and unique ideas to convert those bookings into parties simply and easily for your direct sales business.  Combining several ideas into your business will keep your customers and hostesses excited and ready to be a part of your growing business.