Mystery Hostesses

Sometimes our calendar may dry up in our direct sales business and when that happens it is good to have a few ideas up your sleeve to make sure that your business keeps on running through this temporary dry spell.  Here is a great party tip for you to use when you need a boost.

Many consultants will take random orders from customers and place orders once every two weeks or so. We create our own party, so to speak and then take the rewards and use it for demos or hostess gifts and the like.

Instead of doing that, you may want to reach out to potential hostess and all of your customers by holding a Mystery Hostess party at your own home.  A Mystery Hostess party means that you invite your past hostesses and guests and anyone that places an order goes into a drawing at the end of the night to win the hostess rewards from the party’s total sales.

Many consultants use this method once or twice a year and invite past hostesses only.  This way it becomes a perk that the hostesses only can get.  You can also hold past guest only parties and do that same thing.  Make it a perk and a special event so that your guests are excited to come.

The beauty of having a Mystery Hostess party is that you are holding it at your home.  Your hostess does not have to do anything and yet can potentially walk away with a lot of goods!  You, on the other hand, have the ability to interact with your past customers in a different aspect and role so you have a great opportunity to get some bookings off of this party.

You can add incentives to your guests by giving out drawing slips for attending; for bringing a friend and for each item they purchase or by dollar amount.  Create whatever incentives you want.  The more tickets you are able to give out, the more fun it becomes!

Next time you need a change of pace or have no parties on your calendar, hold your own party and make it a lot of fun by creating your own twist on the Mystery Hostess party theme.  Your customers will enjoy it and it may become a semi-annual or annual event for your direct sales party plan business.