Know Your Business and Share Your Knowledge

Team training in a direct sales business is a critical piece to a coaches business and to their downline’s business.  As a team leader you become an important piece of your teams knowledge and you must learn to share your knowledge so that it will bring success to the team overall.

One important factor in team training is to keep your knowledge level at peak performance.  You need to study the company rules, regulations, tips, product line, recruiting methods and payment levels.  You also need to attend your company’s local trainings, state and national trainings as much as possible.  You are the go to person for your team so you want to be able to answer questions and point people in the direction they need to grow.  Also important is to keep your personal learning fresh and up to date with direct sales methods and tips and tricks of the industry. 

Why focus on all of these things? As the direct coach of your team, you want to be able to set up systems so that you are effective in your own business and become a duplicate-able force in your business.  The easiest way to grow your team and to train your team is to show them the methods that you use to become a success.

As a successful team leader, you know how to effectively work a party and share your message with others.  You can invite new team members to shadow you at your parties.  You also know how to properly recruit and continue to add members to your team.  Share the facts, tips, words and hints with your downline so they too can become good at recruiting others and developing their own team.

If you are the booking queen, share your secrets of how you remain consistent and continue growing your customer base and your sales income. Practice at team meetings.

Any method that you can train your team to be just like you is going to mean that they too are working with a known successful system.  Methods that work in this industry and that are easily followed are going to mean more recruits, more income and your team will stay with you longer. If they are successful, you are successful.

The more you can share with your team the more you are going to cement your relationships with your team and the more money your team is making, they happier they are.  Happy teammates don’t usually leave the company. Take your team training and your direct sales business to the next level by creating duplicate-able content and methods today.