Communication is Key

In your direct sales business, getting ready to party can be a tough job, especially if you find it difficult to book parties in the first place.  When your work at home business depends on having a full calendar, you may find yourself stressing at just the thought of bookings.   Well, don’t stress! Here is some help to get you on the way to easier bookings.

One of the scariest things about a party plan business for many can be the public speaking aspect of the job. There are many people who love the product so much that it just pushes them into opening their own business without the thought about speaking in front of a crowd or speaking to strangers; which our mom told us never to do.  No wonder we stress at the thought of public speaking.

Asking someone out right for a party booking can be really difficult for many. Often times consultants will beat around the bush and if the potential hostess shows any type of resistance, then the consultant retreats and never approaches the subject again.  Standing in front of party guests and asking them to book at party to help the hostess win a prize or get more product from free, sometimes works.  But how often does it not?

This is where communication and how you talk to a potential hostess comes into play.   It is called communicating your close.  The hemming and hawing around and getting someone to commit to your party is not going to close that booking.  Asking your hostess directly for the booking can close that date if you also have alternatives ready for any resistance.

You can have a special deal just for her on a favorite product. Also have alternative dates and times ready in your head.  Make sure to have alternative spaces to use, like your own home or a restaurant with a separate space, in case she has issues with her home.  If time is an issue, reinforce the short party and promise to be out in 60 to 90 minutes, tops.  Also having a friend co-host with her can also encourage the booking.

By taking away all of the concerns and reasons to not have a party with you, your hostess is going to find that you are serious about your business.  Communication is going to strengthen your ability to close that party booking. If you are weak in that area, practice with your direct sales upline or a friend to communicate the close and fill up that calendar.