Be Consistent

Developing and growing a team is a big part of many direct sales consultants businesses. In order to be an effective recruiter it takes dedication and knowledge in the business.  Here are a few tips to help you with your recruiting efforts in developing a strong team.

Be Consistent With Your Recruiting Efforts

If you successfully want to build a good strong team you will need to constantly be recruiting new members to join your team. Consultants will come and go for a variety of reasons so dedicate yourself to constantly recruiting and adding new members on a weekly basis. Set a solid goal of bringing in several new representatives a week or a month, depending on how fast you want to grow will help your team continue to increase in numbers steadily.

Lead By Example

All good team leaders will tell you that you need to lead your team by example.  What that means is that you need to constantly be the professional direct sales person that you are and be out working your business and attending company sponsored meetings and events. You cannot sit at home and expect your team to do all of the required business tasks and goals if you are not doing them yourself. The old saying is "Where the team leader goes, the team will follow" is true!

If you want your team to “do as I do”, then teaching them the correct way will bring the best results. Make yourself easily duplicable and your consultants will too. You will see a generous increase in team income and recruits compared to others that are not as involved in their business.

By incorporating these two tips into your direct sales business and embracing the team spirit, you will definitely make an impact on your team’s growth and performance.  It is easy to recruit and not be proactive, but the team that will excel and make you the most money will be the team whose leader is involved and leading the way by action, not words.