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    Most people have a full plate. At Wildtree, our business opportunity and meal solutions give you control of your life to spend time where it matters most. We offer organic groceries for your pantry, with a convenient tool to help you meal plan through my Website or our Meal Planning App. My primary role with the company is as a recruiter for their sales force all across the US. We sell our products and share our services through home parties and online parties! Our online training is the best in the industry and with my support I can help you reach your big goals. Contact me today to learn how easy it is to get started!

    Join our Team:

    Find out why joining the Wildtree Family is so special! https://www.wildtree.com/rep/hollyk/join-wildtree

    Host an in Person or Online Party!

    If you like FREE product then you will want to check out our Hosting Opportunities! As a rep you can double dip, be the rep and make the commission and you can also be the Host and receive FREE Wildtree groceries! https://www.wildtree.com/rep/hollyk/host-event

    Our Product Lines:

    Wildtree Kits!

    "Make Ahead Meals" Do you find yourself standing in the kitchen wondering what to have for dinner? Wildtree Kits come with 7-9 Wildtree Products, grocery/prep list and 10 recipes! The instructions walk you through the simple steps of preparing 10 Make Ahead Meals you can freeze, thaw, and cook whenever you'd like! There are 12 menu's to choose from. You can DIY a Kit or get together with friends and have a Wildtree Workshop Party. https://www.wildtree.com/rep/hollyk/products/searc...

    Wildtree Fresh!

    These are our “Dinners in a Dash Kits”. If you enjoy cooking from scratch, but you don't have the time to follow complicated and time consuming recipes. Wildtree Fresh gives you the opportunity to cook fresh-in-a-flash, preparing simple and delicious recipes that kids even enjoy. We offer 8 Dinners in a Dash Kits and they come with 5-6 Wildtree products and 8 quick and easy family-friendly recipes. https://www.wildtree.com/rep/hollyk/products/searc...

    Wildtree Anytime Nutrition!

    Wildtree Wellness solves your no-time-to-plan dilemma with our Shakes. These shake-and-go nutritious meals are complete balanced, plant-based shakes that are safe for the whole family anytime, anywhere. Wildtree Shakes feature organic fermented whole foods, five unique plant proteins, five organic super-grains, essential fatty acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and 23 fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs. Our shakes are a high-protein, low-fat, and are a low glycemic way to supplement or replace a meal. https://www.wildtree.com/rep/hollyk/products/searc...

    Meal Planning at your Fingertips!

    We know tremendous amounts of time can go into meal planning, but that doesn't mean it has to! Let Wildtree simplify meal planning with our Wildtree App. You can create up to 4 weeks of scheduled recipes tailored to fit your Wildtree Pantry and your preferences - all in just a few simple steps! Just download "Wildtree Meals" through your App Store and use code: K8T2T or go to www.wildtree.com/hollyk

    Join Club Wildtree!

    Want to save money on meal solutions your family needs? Join Club Wildtree and receive up to 20% in a Rebate on every monthly order!


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    Why Choose Wildtree?

    Find out in this video as our VP of Sales, Synara Brown, shares the top reasons people have decided to start their own Wildtree business! https://www.wildtree.com/rep/hollyk/join-wildtree

    FIVE Wildtree Business Benefits:

    1. Unlimited Earning Potential:

    While the income you earn will be directly connected to the actions you take, the opportunity to build, grow, and create a legacy business at Wildtree is endless. Representatives benefit from:

    Up to 40% personal commission, Unlimited team sales commission, 25-40% product discounts, cash bonuses, and incentives!

    2. Giving Back:

    A large part of the Wildtree mission is giving back! At our annual STIR event, Reps have the chance to participate in a dedicated Volunteer Day where they support a local charitable organization. In addition, Reps are truly remarkable in how they utilize their Wildtree Business to support their own communities and causes.

    3. Flexible Schedule:

    We believe in giving back time to our customers and our Reps by offering easy, stress-free guidance into running your own business. We want to give you the flexibility to run your business on your own terms. Our opportunity gives you the chance to work how and when it makes sense for you!

    4. Leadership Development:

    Many Reps who join Wildtree don't realize the leadership skills that live within them. We guide you through the journey of building a business, giving you the tools to help others grow in their own leadership abilities. Wildtree will be there to help cheer you on to meet and surpass your goals.

    5. Traveling the World & Networking:

    Wildtree hosts multiple annual events, bringing together like-minded and motivated Representatives. Reps always look forward to these networking events where they gather to sharpen their skills, learn from the best, and celebrate one another's successes.

    Please reach out if you have any questions and if you are like "Heck Yes" I want to join and take control over where I spend my time and earn the income I deserve, then just click here https://www.wildtree.com/rep/hollyk/join-wildtree I will lock arms with you and make a business plan so you can achieve the success you deserve.

    Holly Klees, Senior Director - 503-260-0813 - hollyswildtree@gmail.com
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    About Me

    Hello, My name is Holly Klees and I am a Senior Director with Wildtree.

    Being Gluten-free is the only option for my family. With Wildtree having over 100 GF products, cooking is now a breeze! At the time, we had three kids in college and, as parents, we really wanted to help them out financially. I knew my current job was not going to cover it, so I needed a better plan. That's when I looked into Wildtree as a business 6 years ago- and pretty quickly, I knew this was my answer. I was blown away by the company's generous income plan, and the systems and training in place for success. I get to help others with the "what's for dinner dilemma" all while earning an income that's life-changing for my family. The Wildtree market is wide open across the US, there's no better time to join! Everyone eats right?

    Wildtree has all-inclusive Incentive Trips every year and you as a rep have an opportunity to earn a trip for 4! We have taken the kids to Jamaica, Costa Rica and Mexico and it didn't cost us a penny!

    It's important to me that I work with a company that gives back and Wildtree generously does just that. At every National Conference they arrange a Volunteer Day. For an example we have worked with Habitat for Humanity and have made over 33,000 meals for hunger relief organizations.

    I look forward to seeing how Wildtree can benefit YOU! https://wildtree.com/hollyk

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    wrote 5 months ago

    Holly is a spectacular director! She goes the extra mile to ensure her team succeeds and truly cares about their success and growth.

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