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    Hey y'all! I am an independent consultant for the #1 skincare brand in the US. Their AMAZING products come with a 60 day money back guarantee because they are THAT good! They are made for all skin types and assist with:


    -large pores

    -age spots/ sun discoloration




    -getting longer and fuller looking lashes

    -under eye circles

    -sagging skin

    -dry skin

    There is literally something for everyone! The results that these products produce are just incredible. This amazing skin care brand also gives individuals the opportunity to become consultants and sell these highly rated products! Becoming a consultant gives you the opportunity to have your own business and have income potential. The company also offers incentives and bonuses for those who work hard and reach levels of achievement. This company has changed my life for the better- and I'm SO excited to offer that to you, too!


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    I am a people-person and LOVE to meet new people. I am one of the charge nurses at work and do very well in leadership roles. I love to help others succeed and help my consultants in every way that I can. We are sisters in this business and I will ensure my sisters are kicking butt and succeeding in their business. I would love to take you under my wing and guide you to the success you crave.

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    About Me

    I am a mommy to 3 sweet boys, a wife to an incredible hubby and am blessed to be a nurse and take care of those who need my care. I joined the R+F family for many reasons. First of all, I just love the products that this company offers. These products genuinely work and do just what they say they will. They increase self confidence and make people love their skin. I cannot imagine using any other brand for my skin. Secondly, I wanted to start a business and have the potential to make extra income. I know several women who are very successful with this wonderful brand and I wanted to be one of them! Lastly, I wanted to have the ability to grow this business as big as I wanted and to be able to stay home more with my kiddos. I do not want to grow old, look back on life and think "I wish I had spent more time with my children and less at work". So I am determined to make this business succeed. I have been told that I am a bubbly person and I LOVE to meet new people. I am always available to talk and answer questions.

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    wrote 2 weeks ago

    I use the Unblemish kit for my adult acne and Reverse brightening for some stubborn dark spots on my face. I cannot say enough about these products! My skin is looking so good and I get compliments on it all the time! I use lash boost and have noticed that my lashes appear much longer and darker than before. The bright eye complex makes my under eye circles virtually vanish. I no longer have to cake make-up on my face. These products are amazing and everyone should try them!

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