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Emris International Brand Ambassador Brenda Maurer-logue

7660 NE Bills Way Kingston, WA 98346 US
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    Legacy builders, visionary leaders, determined entrepreneurs, relentless and unique.

    Emris products:

    • Synergy
    • Vitality Plus
    • Vida

    All natural 100% organic NON GMO

    Do you know what’s in yours? I know what’s in mine.


    1. Corporate team integrity
    2. Consumable and results driven products
    3. Ground-floor opportunity perfectly positioned in multiple billion dollar industries
    4. Leverage your time
    5. Training and support

    Picture yourself running aimlessly into the ocean, beaming with joy and all the freedom in the world right at your fingertips. Picture what EMRIS could do for you. #theerisdifference #freedom #lifestyle #health #cbd #cbdoil #emerisinternational

    GOAL: make an income while making an impact


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    A year from now you will which you did! Take the chance, be bold...what do you have to loose

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    About Me

    Emris has given me a chance to be independent and healthy again all at the same time.

    Ive looked for an opportunity to help me regain a sense of what its like to be part of a real team.

    EMRIS is it...what wonderful people they all are, from the very top alla they way to the bottom...everyone is equal

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    wrote 1 week ago

    What an awesome company and people and the products are just AMAZING! And not to mention the opportunity.

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